Ayleh Ha-D’varim

Rabbi Steinberg

In our thirty–two years together you have allowed me to lead you through these decades of spiritual growth, service to our community and commitment to the values of our heritage. Most significantly, you have permitted me to enter into your lives where I found decency, integrity, and love.

Together we have prayed and studied, we have laughed and cried, we have accompanied each other through tragedy and triumph. If I have served you with a fraction of the distinction with which you credit me, it is because of your dedication, friendship, and support. I thank you for that.

As we begin a new phase of association together, I pray that we may grow from strength to strength.


Rabbi Steinberg

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Sinai’s Purim Celebration March 9th

Our Purim and Shabbat Service will be held on Friday evening, March 9th, at 7:30pm. Plan to be with us as we read from Megillat Esther and drown out all mention of the name of “you know who”.

Hamentashen will be available for all attendees as we celebrate this joyous festival.

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Sinai’s Final Second Night Seder – Saturday April 7th

This annual event will be held on Saturday evening, April 7, starting at 6:30pm. It is not too early to check your calendar and make reservations for this grandest of all Sinai events. The cost will be the same as it has been for the past few years: Adult Members $20, non-members $24. All children under 16 are free. You must call the Temple Office to make reservations by March 30th. Payment may be made by sending a check through the mail, or you may pay at the door. If you make a reservation and later learn that you are unable to attend, notify the office as early as possible – otherwise charges will apply.  Thank you for understanding that we cannot be wasteful.  We will need volunteers for setting-up earlier that week and cooking help on the afternoon of the 7th. Please call Burgess Hodges at 735-7883 to let him know that you will be able to help. Be sure to bring your family seder plate for decoration.

Our Board of Directors will not be held responsible for your family’s disappointment if you forget to make reservations.

There will be no Sinai Shabbat Service on Friday evening, the 6th, so that you may attend your own family seder. Yahrzeit names will be read on the following Friday evening at Ohef Sholom.

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Our Temple’s 38th Confirmation Ceremony—

Dara Alper and Alex Kaye to Be Honored

In Sinai’s 59 year history, we have had 37 Confirmation Services. On Friday, May 11, at our 7:30pm Shabbat Service, we will be holding our 38th and final Confirmation celebration. Dara Alper and Alex Kaye will be leading the congregation in parts of the liturgy and sharing expressions of their respective talents during the evening.  Be sure to be with us for this significant occasion as we honor our confirmands and their families.

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President Perspectives

Dear Congregants:

I didn’t realize when I started to write this article that it would be the last President’s Message in the last Scribe.

It is February, and just a year ago this month the Past Presidents Committee met in my home to consider the future of Temple Sinai. Our options were addressed with the same devotion to the congregation that each past President brought to bear when they had that responsibility.  They were the strongest supporters of Temple Sinai, the people who led the congregation through many tough times and many joyous events.  I relied on their advice then, and I thank them for their continued guidance.

We are preparing for our merger with Ohef Sholom Temple June 1. I am thrilled that Paula Russel has agreed to Chair the committee that will plan our transition event. Please look for news of the event and plan to be there.

Other good things are happening. Our monthly attendance at Ohef Sholom’s Friday night service  has grown and has produced new friendships. Rabbi Steinberg and Rabbi Roz Mandelberg have created a wonderfully comfortable atmosphere for us in what will be the Sinai Chapel at OST. Many of our Religious School students have already transitioned to OST under the guidance of Kitty Wolf.

We had a wonderful turnout for our 36th and final Auction. Over two hundred people enjoyed great bargains, great food, and a great time. The work, however, was done by a relative few. A handful of congregants have always been Ted’s A Team. We could not have done it without them.

There is no doubt that this is a bittersweet time for us. But we know it is the right time to move on. Let’s be glad to have had these years together, and let’s plan to remain  “A Family of Traditional and Non-traditional Families”.

Bonnie Kerner, President

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Final Rummage Sale in April

Temple Sinai’s final rummage sale will be in late April.  This is your last opportunity to rid your house of unwanted items and extra do-dads that you aren’t using and receive a tax deduction for your donations.

Bring items to the Temple or make arrangements for a pickup of large items.

Remember, your trash may be someone else’s treasure!

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Social Action at Temple Sinai

Temple Sinai’s 2011 Shelter Week has come and gone, and     during this period our temple housed and served up to 70 guests each night.

Toda Raba to those who helped make Shelter Week happen; our overnight hosts, Michael Bohan, Andrea and Ernie Beacham, Peter Crockin, Jack Dougherty, Charles and Laura Ludwig, Heather and Nate Mewhinney, Jim Schloss, Bob Thompson and Marti Wachtel.

A very special thanks to Laura Ludwig who served three overnights so that our women guests had an on-site female presence.

Thanks, too, to the churches and organizations that provided dinner each night. Further, on Christmas night, members of Temple Sinai prepared and served a festive dinner. Those who contributed money, clothes and toiletries (You know who you are!) are also very much appreciated.

Thanks also to the five Ludwig children (Travis, Harley, Toni Gwynne, Chuck Jr. and Lorelei) who gave out beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts to one and all. We thank the women of Centenary Methodist Church, who had spent most of the year knitting neck scarves for these homeless men and women.

For over 20 years Temple Sinai has participated with the Portsmouth Volunteers for the Homeless to host this special social action event. Unfortunately, the Shelter Week of 2011 will be our last one.

As we merge with another temple, as in any blended family, there will be changes and compromises. This is but one.

Marti Wachtel, Social Action Chair

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